How You Can Benefit From The Weak Pound


The Great British pound is at its lowest exchange rate in eight years. Although there are many glaring negatives associated with this poor exchange rate, countless people haven’t put much thought into the benefits. Here at Imprint Digital we’re taking some time to discuss potential advantages associated with having a weak pound when looking to print your book.

Since Britain voted to leave the European Union, the value of the pound has continuously dropped with a fall of over 15%. Last time the pound was this weak, the UK had recently come out of one of its deepest recessions in history. However, politicians are saying this could be a chance to reshape the economy. And we tend to agree.

Print your book – take advantage


Are you reading this in Ireland, Spain, France, or somewhere other than the UK? If so, then why not take advantage of the weak pound? With a low exchange rate, it means that getting your books printed with us in the UK will save you a magnitude of money due to said exchange rate.


We won’t change what we do


Our product quality and service won’t differ just because you’re getting our book printing service cheaper. We already have many customers outside of the UK that have been loyal to us for many years – with the pound falling, we feel that customer base is about to grow. We’re looking to welcome you with open arms..


Check out our brand new dedicated Irish page, or get an idea on prices by clicking on the link.


Come visit us


Not only is printing your book cheaper now, the UK is also lot cheaper to visit, so why not take a holiday to the glorious Devonshire countryside. It will give you a chance to see how we produce and print your books. Oh, before you make the trip take a look at our Devon blog for some invaluable tips. is a trading name of Imprint Academic Ltd; Company № 08013853 & VAT № 40904775. | Our registered address is: Seychelles Farm, Upton Pyne, Exeter, Devon EX5 5HY
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