Typesetting and Book Design

Typesetting, & Design Have you just written a book? Do you need some help getting it ready for print? Well, we can help with this. Typesetting is the art of laying out your text and/or images onto the pages of your book. There are multiple ways of doing this and many different software suites that…

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Book Printing Terms

When it comes to book printing, there are many words and phrases used by our team that you may not have come across before. From bleed to paper types; there is a whole load of terminology out there for you to understand. Thus, we introduce Imprint Digital’s very own jargon buster. So let’s get started:…

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Choosing a Hardback or Paperback Book Size

Book Sizes

What are the main paperback and hardback book sizes to choose from? Books come in many different shapes and sizes for paperback and hardback. It is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make for your project. Not only do you have to think about how your book will feel in your hand…

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eBooks vs Printed Books – Which is better?

paperback book vs ebook

eBooks were a serious competitor for printed books back in the ’00s. They were going to be the thing that killed traditional books and take the world by storm. And they did. In December 2009 eBooks outsold print books on Amazon and in 2014 reached their peak. But since then, well… eBook sales have fallen…

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Hardback vs Paperback

  What is the better book for you Hardcover or Paperback? In this post we will try to answer the question, what is better hardcover vs paperback? We will look over various points for both books, help you understand the difference between both books and help you come up with the right answer for your…

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