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Picking the size of your book is one of the most important choices you will have to make before you send your book off to print. When choosing what size book to go for there are many elements to take into account such as; the type of book it is, the content and the target audience.

Below are our five book size printing categories. We have covered; the range of sizes you could have your book, the type/genre of book that best suits that size and some other useful information such as space, portability, and popularity.

Book Size Categories

B-Format; This is the smallest book size range we do at Imprint Digital. Books of this size can range from A6 (148mm x 105mm) to 210mm x 135mm. The standard size for a B-Format book is 198mm x 129mm. This size book seems to best suit the fiction style books such as poetry or novels. They are also a good choice for those who are looking for a book that is easy to carry around.


A5/Demi; This is a book size which we are pretty sure most of you have come across or heard of. Books of this size can range from 210mm x 136mm to 220mm x 148mm, the standard size is 210mm x 148mm. We produce many books within the A5/Demi size from novels to guidebooks, to children books. You can’t go wrong with books of this size, which is probably why they are a very popular choice within the book industry.


Royal; Royal size books also sometimes referred to as ‘Trade Paperbacks’ suits the sort of customer that is looking for just the little bit of extra room. Books of this size can range from 211mm x 136mm to 235mm x 156mm. Royal size books are popular with general non-fiction books for example; memoirs, books on business, histories etc.


B5; This size of book is popular with our journal printing customers as well as non-fiction books. With having a slightly larger book, it allows for more flexibility with font, size, and layout without going to the full A4 size. Books of this size can range from 236mm x 157mm to 250mm x 176mm.


A4; Books within the A4 category seem to best suit customers that are producing an art style book such as; Children and, however, they do also suit the text/reference books. Because of the extra space you will have avaiable it will allow you to show your work on a much larger scale. We think this is the reason why people tend to go for the A4 size. Books of this size range from 251mm x 177mm to 297mm x 210mm.


If you need some more help deciding on what book size to go for, take a look at the images below. Also, we can send you out a sample of your chosen book size, just contact us

You may also want to have a look at our quote calculator which will give you an idea of pricing for certain book sizes.

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