Today is Get To Know Your Customers Day; with many businesses taking part in celebrating this day, we thought we would jump on the bandwagon too!

For us, a somewhat small online business, it can be difficult for us to get to know our customers as well as we would like to. Due to the fact we’re primarily online, there’s rarely any face to face communication with the customer. Which something we strongly dislike, as we love the customers we get to talk to!

Long gone are the days where you would look up someone’s contact details in the yellow pages or search every shop in town for that one item you so desperately need. Nowadays, everything you need is either a click or phone call away.

This is obviously mostly great news. However, did you know that when communicating, only 7% of what we intend to communicate is done through actual words? The rest: 38% through the way the words are spoken and 55% through our facial expressions.

With only 7% of communication shown through strictly words, it comes to no surprise that having a proper customer relationship is difficult when the only communication you have with them is email and phone.

So what are we, Imprint Digital going to do about it?

With being a book printing business we can figure out some things about our customers by their books, which I guess you could say is an advantage, but very rarely do we actually meet or even hear the voice of our customer. But for now, as we now know that words only count for 7% of communication, we want to change this.

We know that many of our customers come from far and wide. We understand that maybe meeting all our customers face to face is going to be a challenge, but we want to get to know you. Even though face-to-face communication is shown to be one of the best forms of communication out there, there are many others.

We welcome you.

We would love for you guys to get in touch with us. Getting to know our customers is important. It helps us massively to know what kind of book printing service you are looking for.

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