How to Create an Amazing Book Cover for Self-Publishers


Top Tips to Create an Amazing Book Cover

We all know we shouldn’t but the majority of us do judge a book by its cover. The first thing people will see browsing through the digital shelves of Amazon or any other online book retailer is the cover. It is why many large traditional publishing companies spend thousands on trying to create a book cover that will stand out over the competition.

We have come up with some top tips on how you can design a cover that will grab your potential readers attention in a market that has many thousands of books published every week.

Consider Hiring a Professional Designer

A professional designer can be the difference between your book being looked at or skimmed over by your potential readers. They make a living creating book covers after all, and so, will understand the nuances of design. They will be able to help and guide you in creating a cover that fits in with your genre of book.

Use The Correct Typeface

With so many different fonts to choose from it can be difficult to get the right one that matches the design and idea of your cover. You will want something that is bold and that stands out above any images on your cover. Make sure to use colours that contrast well with the rest of the colours on your cover. Using more than 2 font styles can start to look messy if not done correctly.

Make sure you don’t go too small on the font size, 8pt would be a minimum. Also, any font that overlays any text or small images will also make your potential readers struggle to read it clearly.

Make sure you experiment as much as you can with the different typefaces available to you. Head over to Font Space to see more fonts available for free.

Scale Your Cover

Do you have a catchy title? Why not make your title big and bold on the cover to draw your readers attention? Maybe your an established figure in your genre, if so, having your name larger than any other text or image on your cover may work better. Whatever way you choose to have your title, name or other text and images on your cover, you want to make sure they are in different sizes.

Also, remember when your book gets trimmed that things can move tiny amounts during the process. This means any border that you have on your cover may not come out how it looks on screen. For example, a border than you design on-screen with 5mm to the edge of the book may turn out to be 4mm on one side and 6mm on the other. Not many people will notice this but it is something to bear in mind.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overthink your cover and put too much content on it. A title, subtitle a blurb on the back and an ISBN is all a cover needs to stand out. It’s how these things are put together that matters. If you overdo the design on the cover, putting in too much content then it can look a little cluttered and will give your readers too much to look at.

Highlight a Single Element

If your book is about a certain topic it could be a good idea to highlight a single element, make it pop off the cover and grab your readers attention. A bright colour on a dark background or vice versa, a single image with a plain background and a small title. There are many different ways of doing this and you can have fun experimenting.



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