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Stand out from the rest with our foiling services.

Foil blocking is the most visually stunning upgrade you can do to your book. It can instantly lift a basic design and turn your book into something truly outstanding. Foil blocking is one of many extras you can add to your book to give it that extra bit of class.

Foil blocking is a unique process where we use a moulded metal die that is heat-stamped on to your chosen cover (paperback or hardback book) with a fine sheet of metal in either gold or silver (other colours available). This technique then transfers the fine metal foil on to the cover. We are also available to offer foil blocking onto endpapers like the images shown below.

Our new online pricing calculator is great way to get an instant quote for your book, we don’t ask for any personal information and there is no requirement for names or contact information. You can get a price for your book with our foiling option and also for our French-flaps.

We have also upgraded our samples booklet and it is something we are very proud of. It has a complete range of paper types to chose from as well as some extras we offer – French flaps, foil blocking and various special papers.

Our samples booklet also includes some great tips for formatting your books for print and some guides on designing your book cover for a paperback and hardback book plus it is completely free and will be with you within days of requesting.

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We aim to get the samples book dispatched same day and delivered within 2 to 3 working days.