Know the difference in book printers

When it comes to book printing a lot of people get confused or just don’t know the difference in printing types. Below we have created a slide telling you all about the book printing options available. Hopefully, it helps you choose the right book printer.

The Three Q’s

There are many things you need to know and consider when choosing your book printers, but there are three main elements that you should always take into account. They are the three Q’s:

Quantity- How many books you will be wanting to print

Quality- The type of quality you want in your book

Quickness- How quick you need the books

Remembering these three elements when looking and comparing book printers will make the process and decision making a lot easier.

Book Printers

When looking at book printers you will find that there are three different types to choose from; Print-On-Demand, Short-Run and Offset Litho. Each one has different aspects which suit certain book printing needs (we cover these in the slide below).

The Slide

In this slide we cover:

– What you need to consider when choosing a printer

– The three types of book printers and what they are

– The pros and cons of each book printing option

– What printer best suits certain book printing needs

If you have any questions or would like us to print your books get in touch.

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