eBooks vs Printed Books – Which is better?

eBooks were a serious competitor for printed books back in the ’00s. They were going to be the thing that killed traditional books and take the world by storm. And they did. In December 2009 eBooks outsold print books on Amazon and in 2014 reached their peak. But since then, well…

eBook sales have fallen considerably whereas, printed book sales are continuously rising. Figures released in early 2018 revealed that book sales have almost doubled in a decade and the book printing industry is excelling against other print industries, which is good news for us.

But why is this? We take a look at printed books vs eBooks to find out why people are choosing paperback and hardback books over eBooks and whether these could be the reasons why print book sales are soaring.

eBooks vs Printed Books – What’s better?

Printed books feel a lot nicer. There is so much more to a book than just the content. There’s the paper type, is it rough or smooth? There’s the lamination, glossy or matt? Then there’s the thickness and weight. All of these aspects make a book, and without them, you’re left with just content. I guess you could call that an eBook? With only being presented with the content you miss the real feel of what a book should be.

Printed books are easily shared. Whether it’s food, experiences or books it’s always nice to share them with people, but when it comes to eBooks it can be a little difficult. As long as you can get your head around how you can share E-Books then we’re sure it’s fine and pretty easy. Surely, nothing is easier than physically handing over the item, you want to share?

You can scribble and mark all over printed books. To us, there is nothing more irritating than not being able to write and draw in a book. We know that this might stress some people out but what’s a book if you can annotate in the margins, fold over the corners and highlight sentences?


Better for your health. Studies have shown that books are actually really good for you. They can increase your lifespan, reduce illness, improve your memory, reduce stress and they may even help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Also, paperback and hardback books are a lot better for people who read before going to bed. eBooks tend to have a bright, well-lit screen which can have a negative effect on your sleep.

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Brings back memories. Have you ever been searching for something and then happen to come across a book that you forgot about? That old ‘Of Mice and Men’ book that you had to study hours on end for your literature class. The book with the suncream stains from your holiday in France 5 years ago. Or the barely glued together book that your Grandmother gave you when you were a child. Books will always bring back memories for people.

Easier to find your place. There is nothing is worse than that dreaded gutted feeling you get when you lose your place in a book, especially in an eBook vs a Printed Book. Trying to refind your place in an eBook is nigh on impossible, and the endless button clicking that comes with it, blimey. However, with a paperback book, you can quickly flip through the pages and find your place in a matter of minutes.

Judge how far you’ve got left. With an eBook, although it does show a percentage of what you have read and what you have left of the book, it’s nothing compared to physically feeling and seeing how many pages you have left of your book. And the satisfaction you get when you finish reading a big chunky book just feels great.

You’re supporting bookshops. For most book lovers, book shops will most definitely be one of their most favourite places to be. The knowledge, the smell, and not to mention the hoards of books that are available. Without the books and the people buying them, places like this wouldn’t exist.

Books help make a bookshelf. Taking a look at someone’s bookshelf and delving into their book collections is a great way to get an insight into what someone’s personality is going to be like. Also, let’s be honest eBooks don’t make as attractive bookshelves as physical books do.

eBooks vs Printed Books – What’s your decision?

Don’t get us wrong there are probably many benefits in having an eBook. But with printed books, there are no batteries to run out and our brains can hold information a lot better from them. To us, paperback books are always going to outweigh eBooks, no matter what, they’re just too good.