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If you require a book barcode, we are able to create this for you. We can also incorporate your ISBN and add it to your cover. There is a charge for this service at £12 per barcode.

Please note that we are unable to obtain an ISBN for you. If you require this service, we recommend obtaining this number from Nielsen, a UK ISBN agency.

The phone number for the Agency is: 01483 712 215 and the email address is

More information can be found here.

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Book Barcode Service FAQs

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 13 digit number that has been calculated and made using a specific mathematical formula that is dedicated to your book. 

What are ISBN’s used for?

ISBN’s are used to identify whether a book has been published and who it was written by. An ISBN shows many details about the book.

Do I need an ISBN?

If you are just wanting to give your books to family and friends and don’t have any intention of selling your book then you do not necessarily need an ISBN. However, if you are wanting to sell your book through a bookstore, online (for example, Amazon) or wanting to sell them to libraries then you will need an ISBN.

Where does the ISBN go in my book?

A common place to put your ISBN is on the copyright page near the front of the book. However, it’s your preference, some people have it on the inside of their front cover, it’s entirely your choice.

If I have an ISBN do I need to have a barcode?

You do not need to have a barcode if you have an ISBN, but if you intend on selling your book then a barcode would be useful.

Do I need to change the ISBN if I want to reprint my book?

If you are reprinting your book and everything is staying the same (publisher, author, title) then the ISBN must stay the same. is a trading name of Imprint Academic Ltd; Company № 08013853 & VAT № 40904775. | Our registered address is: Seychelles Farm, Upton Pyne, Exeter, Devon EX5 5HY
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