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About Editing, Typesetting, & Design

Have you just written a book? Do you need some help getting it ready for print? Well we can help with this. We can put you in touch with our:


They will help transform your manuscript into an easy to read book format – PDF. This will include creating the correct margins and spacings, designing and organising the chapters and adding the page numbering.

They mainly focus on the design and layout of the text/internals of your book; however, they can also suggest the right sort of style you should consider for your book’s genre.


A proofreader will read through your manuscript, fine tune the wording and suggest amendments/corrections. They will focus on making sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in your book when it goes to print.

Book Designer

A book designer will come up with many ideas for your book cover and create the final look of your book. You may find that your typesetter is also a designer, which would be a bonus.

Editorial Assistant

An editorial assistant will look at all aspects of your book and suggest ways to improve readability. They are there to give you guidance on aspects that you may not have considered when it comes to printing and publishing your book.

Have a look at our jargon buster if you have difficulty with our industry-specific terms!

If you think you may need help with typesetting, editing or book design, please contact studio@imprintdigital.com.

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