Randomly Placed Colour

About Randomly Placed Colour

Randomly Placed Colour or RPC is a term that we often use to describe our colour printing process.

With other book printers you may find that when wanting certain pages of your book printed in colour you will have to either pay for a full colour book or pay for a number of signatures. However, this is not the case with us.

Request a samples brochure to see examples of our colour printing on various papers

Our digital presses allow us to print colour pages wherever the customer likes throughout their book without the need for dedicated signatures. This is what we call RPC.

The way our colour printing process works means you only pay the colour rate on the colour pages, mono rate for the rest. For example, if you want 6 pages of your book in colour and the other 322 pages in mono, then you only pay the colour rate on those 6 pages and mono for the other 322 pages.

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