Top 5 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book


‘Everyone has a book in them’

Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular every year. The number of eBooks sold through Amazon surpassed traditional publishing companies in 2015 and the gap is only increasing. Self-publishing gives authors far more control over their book than traditional publishing and this control can be the difference between your books selling little copies or a lot of copies.

Here are 5 reasons, in no particular order, why self-publishing your book may be better than going through a traditional publishing company. Remember to look into each option carefully before you make your choice on self-publishing.

Full Creative Control

Now, this may be an obvious one and something which you may have come across while researching self-publishing. By publishing your book yourself you are in full control over every aspect of the publishing process. Designing the cover, laying out the internal pages, choosing a title, deciding on the price, how to distribute.
Having all this control has its benefits but also has downsides, everything is going to fall on your shoulders and if anything starts to go wrong, it could be a lot of work for one person to rectify. Obviously, if no deadlines are set then this is less of an issue.

Faster Exposure

Traditional publishing companies can take anywhere from 12 months to over a couple years to publish your book from receiving your manuscript. Whereas going down the self-publishing route, many authors are able to get a book to market with just a couple months. However, we don’t recommend doing it this quickly, even the best authors need time for editing and proofreading, something that shouldn’t be skipped. Being able to get your book to market faster than a traditional publishing company means a faster exposure and the money in your pocket faster.

Better Royalties

One of the main reasons many people opt to go down the self-publishing route is the difference in royalties they are able to keep. Traditional publishing companies on average give the author between 10% and 20% of the list price of the book. Whereas on Amazon, for example, you can expect to receive up to 70% of the list price. Not only do you have better royalties but you will also keep the full rights of your book, such as film rights, TV shows and comic’s etc.

Greater Opportunities in Your Niche

If your genre of book is targetted for a  very niche market, the majority, if not all traditional publishing compies may not be interested in publishing your book.  After all, they are looking for the next big hit and although your book may be a hit in your niche if it doesn’t generate enough revenue for a large publishing company then it may be beneficial to venture into self-publishing.

No Rejection

A big roadblock for many first time authors is the thought of rejection of their project. Being told that the months or even years that they have spent on the book is not up to standard or doesn’t fit the bill of what a traditional publishing company requires. Many authors can stomach rejection over and over again but it is not something that anyone has to go through. A self-published author can publish what they want, when they want and how they want.

Self-publishing is not for everyone and it is something which does need to be thought about very carefully. If you decide to go down the route of self-publishing and decide to try and get your next book published traditionally, after realising all the hard work it takes to go at it alone, you may find it harder than getting your first book published.

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