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Can you remember what the year 2007 was like?

It was when you dare not access the internet through your phone for fear that it would cost an arm and a leg. Where you had to buy a printed map, rather than just whipping out your phone and tapping in your coordinates.

It was also the year when Gordon Brown was elected as Prime Minister and when the first ever iPhone was launched. Crazy, right?

But 2007 meant so much more to us than just our brand new flip phones; it was the year when all the ideas and planning finally turned into something, and that something was ImprintDigital.com.

10 years on, we take a trip down memory lane to when things first began for Imprint Digital…

The start of our book printing company: Imprint Digital

20 years ago, during the early 80s, Keith Sutherland (now our managing director), made the decision to set up his own publishing company, Imprint Academic.

He started off small, publishing academic journals but by the late 1990s, Imprint Academic had broadened its horizons. Publishing books and journals and eventually became a well-known publisher within the academic industry.

Recognising that the book printing on offer just didn’t meet customer’s demanding quality standards, he saw a gap in the market. The team’s aim was to build a book printing company that would focus on quality, bespoke printing and excellent customer care.

Humble beginnings

It was a big change from what they were used to. Initially, the business was run from Keith’s quaint little cottage in rural Devon, with their young family and members of staff all working under one roof. The printer perched on top of their family bath and everywhere you turned you would see metre-long wires and stacks of paper.

Business was picking up rapidly, and more publishers were contacting them to print their books, more equipment was purchased, and more staff were employed. Fast forward a few years to 2007, and Imprint Academic found themselves with their own premises and high-tech printing equipment

By the time 2012 came around, ImprintDigital.com became a limited book printing company. Now in 2017, we can proudly say we are one of the leading short-run book and journal printers in the UK.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you guys…

As a book printing company with expert industry experience, we have learned that printing an entire book can be stressful without the right guidance and knowledge.

So many people have questions and worries about book printing and publishing and they just can’t seem to find the answers, so they either give up or end up becoming exhausted with it all. We’re hoping that starting this blog will provide you with the answers you need to print a book successfully.

The answer to all your book printing questions

Let us ask you a few questions:

– Are you struggling to decide on a look for your book?
– Have an interest in book printing?
– Enjoy reading and learning about new things?
– Need help understanding printing terminology?
– And finally, if you could be any character in a book who would you be? (we really want to know, so comment or tag us on Twitter!)

If you’re searching for answers to any of the above questions, we’re pretty sure you’re in the right place. We are confident that our blogs will be the antidote to all your book printing needs due to our knowledge and expertise.

As a professional book printing company with expert guidance and knowledge, every month we’ll be posting useful and interesting blogs on all things book related, whether that be local news, how tos, top 10s or general advice. We hope to accommodate everyone and everything (book related of course).

In addition to our new blog, we are also very excited to be making some updates to our website – with improved user experience and navigability as our core focus. Watch this space!

Please check back for more news or give us a follow and like on Twitter and Facebook!

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